The Royal Bride

The Royal Bride   In the book of Esther we learn about a young woman from the tribe of Benjamin who was known by the Hebrew name Hadassah, and also by the name Esther which was a name that was more in alignment and familiar to the culture she was living among. She was chosen … [Read more…]

Drawing Near To God

*please listen to the beginning of the audio recording of this message to learn of a correction that was made to the prior version of this article*   Drawing Near To God What does it mean to draw near to God and how are we able to do so? I want to start with a … [Read more…]

Do You Worship A Golden Calf?

“Do You Worship A Golden Calf?”   This message started out as something that I had the honor and privilege of sharing with a group of kids and young adults recently. Please take the time to read all of Exodus 32:1-35 in your Bible before beginning this message so pause here and come back after … [Read more…]

The Number 4 Reveals The Door

  “The Number 4 Reveals the Door“ If you have been following the messages shared by this ministry then you would already know that numbers in the Scripture have deep significant spiritual meanings. In this message, I am sharing what I believe to be one of the deep spiritual meanings and significance of the number … [Read more…]

The Cycle of Life

  The Cycle of Life We know that the planets in our galaxy were created to “revolve” around the sun by the Creator in a continuous cyclical pattern. We can observe this fact on a daily basis. What would happen if the Earth which “revolves” around the sun were to break free from the law … [Read more…]